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Here at Enchanted Parties our aim is to provide a memorable and magical experience for your child and their guests.

We cannot guarantee which performer will attend your party however all our performers have had previous training in singing, acting and improvisation.

Enchanted Parties cannot accept any responsibility for the actions and/or safety of any child present at an event. Adult supervision is advised as our Princesses and their Attendants are employed as performers not childcare providers.

Due to the high quality of our bespoke costumes we ask our Princesses to avoid the following situations:

  • Rain

  • Damp grass/flooring

  • Mud

  • Pets (dogs, cats, horses, birds etc)

  • Wet paint

  • Wet Face Paint

  • Soft serve ice cream

  • Loose Balloons on the ground (helium is fine)

If any of the above are likely to be present at the party please contact us for further information.

Damage or a spillage will incur a repair/cleaning charge of £65.

A 50% deposit is required when booking and MUST be paid by the end of the week after being sent the payment details. Your booking is not secured without a deposit and we reserve the right to cancel a booking if a deposit is paid late/unpaid for a prolonged period. Deposits are fully refundable for cancellations up to two weeks before the party date. Should you need to cancel and reschedule (due to illness or emergency) within two weeks of the party date we will try our hardest to facilitate your request. Should we be unable to offer you the original service you booked the difference will be refunded (eg. You booked two characters but only one is able to attend the new date due to our schedule the second character will be refunded). If you choose to book another service with us for your reschedule date that is of a lesser monetary value the difference will not be refunded (eg. You booked a two hour party and have rescheduled it for a 40 minute booking there will be no refunds issued).

Our Princesses and Characters love to visit new places, however if your Kingdom is more than a 20 mile round trip from our Castle (near Great Dunmow) a travel cost will incur. A travel cost may also incur if our characters are coming to you from another booking.

If your booking is over an hour away there will be a surcharge. 

Absolutely no refunds will be given once the event has been completed.

Please could you ensure a parking space near the venue is kept reserved for the team attending your booking. The space will need adequate room for the Princesses to get in and out of the car without brushing up against another vehicle or building.


If any equipment from Enchanted Parties present at the booking is damaged in some way due to interference or tampering from a guest you will be liable to pay for a replacement or pay towards one. This includes speakers, microphones, iPads, costumes, wigs, accessories, extension cables, baskets pin the tail pictures etc.

Our performers reserve the right to leave your event should there be any physical threat, verbal or physical abuse or sexual harassment. Should a performer feel the need to leave your event early due to the above circumstances no refund will be given.

For our Enchanted Princesses package the activities will be planned in advance, however, each event and each child is different. Therefore our performers are trained to be able to adapt the package and activities accordingly to suit the children present so that they still receive a magical experience.

If you have booked our Enchanted Princesses party package we ask that you DO NOT hire a bouncy castle to appear at the same time. If you do we kindly ask for the castle to be deflated for the duration of the party. It distracts the children away from the Princesses, is very loud and quite often means you will not get the value for money of what you paid for. 


Unless discussed prior to the booking another character company CANNOT appear at the same time as Enchanted Parties at a booking. We reserve the right to leave or ask the other company to leave should another character appearance company arrive at any point during the booking.

Enchanted Parties will not use any photographs without authorised consent.

All information collected to complete your booking form is needed to create a magical princess experience. We will hold your information for no longer than 5 years and will not pass it on to any third parties.

Although it is not compulsory clients are permitted to tip the performer present if the client feels the performer delivered an outstanding service. All tips will go straight to the performer, Enchanted Parties will not take any percentage of the tip.

As the client you are responsible for providing the team attending your booking with a place to park as near to the venue as possible. Should this be a pay and splay car park or another charged parking space you are responsible for covering this cost.


We must make it clear this is YOUR event and YOU are responsible for. The health and safety of all guest present, Enchanted Parties cannot be held responsible for any injury or illness contracted by your guests at the event. In the event your gathering is broken up by law enforcement and a fine is imposed the responsibility of this fine lies with you. 

On the day of your party the Attendant will bring a copy of our Terms and Conditions that you will be required to read and sign.

Enchanted Parties are not affiliated in any way with the Walt Disney Company and/or branches of the Walt Disney Company. Any resemblance our characters bare is purely coincidental as our Princesses are based on traditional fairytales.

Terms & Conditions

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