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Charlotte - Company Owner

Since childhood Enchanted Parties owner Charlotte has always loved Fairytales, Princesses and Magic. She has many fond memories of special moments with her favourite Princesses. The memory of those moments and experiences is what inspired her to create and form Enchanted Parties. Charlotte aims to share her passion and love for Princesses and creating magic to help create those magical memories that can last a lifetime.


Whilst studying at University Charlotte had the pleasure of working for two different princess party companies. She graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2016 with a First Class Honours Degree in Drama. In 2017 she graduated from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts with an MA in Performance – Musical Theatre. She has since gone on to perform in over 10 professional London productions and work with primary school children as a Musical Theatre teacher. 


Enchanted Parties opened 27th September 2017 and since then has had the opportunity to bring magic to children, young and old, across Essex and Hertfordshire. In 2020 Enchanted Parties was awarded Highly Recommended at the Essex Mums Awards for their full scale 2019 musical production ‘The Enchanted Story Factory’ and also won 1st Place at the Dunmow Carnival in 2019. In 2021 Enchanted Parties was nominated in every eligible category at the Essex Mums Awards, with double nominations in some categories. In 2022 Enchanted Parties was once again awarded Highly Recommended at the Essex Mums Awards for their outdoor event 'The Enchanted Flower Trail'.

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